“Introducing the Clean Buttonhole Method: A Breakthrough in Buttonhole Care, Epithelial Maturation and Fistula Complication Prevention”

We are pleased to introduce the Clean Buttonhole Method, a breakthrough approach designed to promote epithelial maturation around the buttonhole by improving the post-dialysis needle care process. This method not only reduces pain and stress, but also plays a critical role in preventing complications such as fistula aneurysms and unsightly shunt vessel bulging.

The Clean Buttonhole Method involves initiating moist wound healing immediately after needle removal, followed by home cleansing and reapplication of Vaseline to maintain a moist environment. By following this method, we not only minimize patient discomfort and stress, but also focus on preventing infectious complications.

To enhance the softening of keratinized tissue and further reduce the risk of complications, we’ve implemented a unique pre-puncture strategy. Beginning two hours prior to needle insertion, we enclose EMLA cream in a tape barrier. This effectively softens the scab covering the buttonhole, making it easier to remove prior to puncture.

Our approach places a strong emphasis on minimizing the use of picking devices such as tweezers or needles, thus preventing the creation of a new wound. In cases where keratinized tissue is particularly stubborn, we must use a gentle technique using a folded aluminum case containing a sterile cotton swab to gently remove the scab.

By prioritizing patient safety, comfort and effective post-dialysis care, the Clean Buttonhole Method offers a comprehensive solution to promote tissue maturation, reduce complications and ensure a clean and safe environment for dialysis patients. This innovative method has the potential to significantly improve the overall quality of puncture care and the well-being of dialysis patients worldwide.

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